Welcome to the naturist campsite
CHM Montalivet

A true icon of international naturism, the CHM Montalivet is a village with more than 3,000 pitches spread over 21 villages and nestled in 200 ha of wild pine forest on the edge of the ocean.
The spirit of nature is omnipresent there and assures you of total communion with the elements.
No wonder it has been welcoming four generations of naturists every summer for 70 years !
At the CHM or “Monta”, naturism is therefore experienced with the family and in complete safety.

Naturism, an art of living
Naturism is the practice of nudity in a dedicated social environment, a practice that focuses on the comfort of the naked body in the face of natural elements such as water, air, light and sun: well-being right down to the skin.
At the CHM, there's something for everyone. You have the choice and above all the freedom to participate or not in cultural, craft, sporting and festive activities, and of course water sports with the beach, the water park and all the related activities.
Water Park
If you're a thrill-seeker, the Water Park is the place to go for a thrilling ride down its four large slides. From mid-June to mid-September, the park is open and supervised every afternoon.
Sports enthusiasts will surely choose the entirely renovated swimming pool situated amid the pine trees. The swimming pool is divided into lanes where you could practice your crawl at all times.

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CHM Montalivet, over 70 years of naturism

Born in Arras on 13 August 1905, Albert Lecocq was a lifelong supporter of outdoor physical activities and nudism. Albert Lecoq was always a visionary, and was the first to feel the need for holiday nudism.

The great history of the CHM

On 23 July 1950, a lease was signed to set up the "Centre Naturiste Hélio-Marin de Guyenne" (a name with medical and neutral connotations) on a 25-hectare burnt area. The entrance was located at the north-east corner of the camp, marked by a small building and a few white fences. Around fifty people used the centre that summer, following the installation of a number of Marabout tents, water pumps and three 4mx2m bungalows creating the first Clairvie housing estate. The Centre Héliomarin de Montalivet, the first naturist holiday centre in Europe. He chose this more neutral and medical name than "nudist centre" because it implied that people were exposed to sunbathing in the nude without really expressing it. Albert Lecocq imposed the term "naturism" to emphasise the link between nudity and nature and all that goes with it. That same year, he founded the Fédération Française de Naturisme (FFN).

Take off your clothes!

Naturism is a real art of living and is a great factor to achieve a sense of fulfillment. Daring nudity is freeing one's mind rather than body, going beyond to reach one's real personality...

Welcome to the CHM Montalivet Naturist Domain

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The CHM Montalivet naturist campsite is situated in France on the Atlantic Ocean coast. Set in Montalivet in the Médoc in the Gironde region, the CHM Monta naturist campsite is in the heart of a naturist domain with a 2 km long naturist beach. To discover naturism with your family, the CHM Monta is the right choice. The naturist campsite with 3000 pitches offers different types of accommodation, all of which are adapted the family-oriented naturist spirit. The CHM Monta naturist campsite has been in place for more than 70 years, and has always managed to win the loyalty of the naturists who are seeking authenticity. Moreover, each year, more and more families are seduced by the naturist experience. We are looking forward to welcoming you.

The CHM Monta naturist centre is located in south-west France, in the Aquitaine region, in the heart of an estate bordered by 2 km of naturist beach. The centre offers a wide range of activities, including a swimming pool, surf school, sports facilities and a water park. It’s also the historic birthplace of naturism. Albert Lecocq founded the world’s first naturist centre here in 1950. Since then, many others have been opened, but CHM Montalivet has forever marked the history of naturism in France. If your next holiday is your first naturist experience, our team will be on hand to help you overcome any preconceptions you may have and discover the benefits of this lifestyle.

With our naturist domain, you can rediscover yourself through nudity. If you’re not yet familiar with the values of naturism, when you join us for your holiday, you’ll soon discover that at our centre, it’s above all respect for yourself and others, as well as tolerance, that prevail. With no clothes on, there’s no more showing off, just showing who you are, for healthier relationships with others. And, of course, nudity is also about the pleasure of freedom and feeling the elements – the sun, the wind, the water – on you, unhindered by clothing.